Orthopedic pillows - an introduction

Life is busy. It doesn't get any less busy with each passing day. So you need to muster up all possible strength to run through your days. A majority of this strength comes from the amount of sleep you get each night. Have you caught yourself feeling irritable and tired all day long just after missing a few hours of sleep at night?

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Orthopedic pillows – what are they

The overall posture your body maintains while you sleep would be influenced by the resistance and the support experience on the pillow and the mattress. Orthopedic pillows are specially designed pillows that help you maintain a healthy posture while sleeping. Some people purchase this pillow after doctor's recommendation while some buy them as a measure to improve the sleep quality.

Orthopedic pillows are not just designed for resting your head while you sleep. There are special pillows designed for different parts of the body based on the specific conditions being addressed. The most common types of orthopedic pillows besides the ones used for resting the head include-

  • Lumbar pillow
  • Neck pillow
  • Cervical pillow
  • Body pillow
  • Spinal support pillow

Benefits of an orthopedic pillow

  • Improvement of sleep quality

With better sleep every night, you would be able to wake up feeling refresh every morning. This also tackles stress and reduces other physical troubles like diabetes and obesity which are linked with the lack of proper sleep.

  • Hypoallergenic

Orthopedic pillows are made of the finest quality materials both on the inside and the outside. So even those with allergies would find them to be beneficial. For those with asthma as well as those with sensitive skin, these pillows work pretty well.

  • Use after an injury

The recovery period after an injury can be long and painful depending on the intensity of the injury. A good night's sleep can help in the smooth recovery. Orthopedic pillows beside helping you sleep comfortably can also help support the injured area and reduce the pain and inflammation in the long run. They can also help maintain a healthy blood circulation to this injured area which is very much essential to quicken the recovery process.

  • Prevent pains before they intensify

People who have jobs that require them to maintain odd postures – long hours of sitting or long hours of standing might suffer from body pains, back pains and neck pains. In such cases using an orthopedic pillow would help prevent the problem from getting worse. It is also recommended to give frequent breaks and to follow posture correcting exercises during the day. These measures can all be perfectly supplemented with the help of a suitable orthopedic pillow.

  • Pregnant women

Pregnant women suffer from body aches. Finding a comfortable posture might be very difficult during pregnancy. Suitable orthopedic pillows can be used to support the aching joints as well as to support the growing belly.

How to choose a suitable orthopedic pillow

When you are buying an orthopedic pillow pick the right material and the shape. The contours on the pillow would be designed to match the natural contours of the body. So every curve would get enough support. Memory foam and shredded memory foams are the most popular materials used in filling the orthopedic pillows. They are neither too soft nor too rigid and can thus offer a firm support. Shredded memory foam is used so as to improve the breathability and prevent the feeling of excessive warmth during the sleep.

On the whole for anyone who wishes to improve the comfort during sleep finding the most suitable orthopedic pillows and mattresses can be the best thing to do.