A majority of the bone and muscle related issues can be prevented long before they get worse. Early signs often go unnoticed. That tingling sensation you feel in certain joints, the mild aches that stop you from grabbing your day as it comes are all signs of your bones or muscles suffering silently. We believe in helping people prevent the pain before its onset. As one of the most popular names in orthopedic, we have dedicated years of research in this field, in studying the various factors that cause pain, the various factors that cause a strain and the many ways to tackle them.

Founded by a group of orthopedic surgeons

We were a small group of orthopedic surgeons working in a small town. When we started discussing the various complaints that patients bring to us, we felt the strong desire to do something. We realized that the number of patients walking into orthopedic clinics has been steadily increasing. Maintaining a bad posture, as we observed, is one of the most common culprits behind the issues faced by most of our patients. That was when we decided to act. What is the use of medicine if it is only about the cure. With the miracles that science has given us, we started doing intensive research about the various ways to prevent the bone and muscle soreness and to aptly use orthopedic pillows and supporting cushions to address these problems. That was when we launched this company as a measure to promote the awareness about the need for a good posture, and the need for the right support.

Today we have one of the widest range of orthopedic pillows designed for every type of pain. We also found that regular use of these pillows significantly reduces the pains and prevents them from recurring.